Value-Based Consulting

Lorem Ipsum What's the value of an idea? What's the value of a project? How can I measure value?

We Believe In Aligned Incentives

The word "partnering" is thrown around by too many salesmen. Real partnership means shared goals and values. As true partners, every c1oudbase project includes a value-based financial component.

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About Us

Mobile First -

We think “Mobile First”. We didn’t just base our company name on the cloud, we believe in the power of the cloud.

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Ideas -

Innovation enables ideas. We think ideas drive us forward and innovation is what makes great ideas happen.

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Small Team -
Big Experience

We believe that being small keeps us flexible, creative in our approach and focused on what matters … creating value with our clients.

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Social Conversation -
Straight Talk

Social is not just a word for us but it's how we act and share. We all have social profiles, honest posts and straight talk blogs.

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Social Network

Implemented Salesforce CRM. Created member community. Started online social network.